The 2016 show season is now here, and we at Strand’s are planning on having a wonderful year with an enormous amount of fun! We hope you will join us!

We are pleased to present the 2016 Show Schedule. Great care has been taken to select show that meet everyone’s needs. We currently have ten shows scheduled, and three additional optional shows. The first show is scheduled for the first weekend in April, with the final show for 2016 scheduled for the last two weekends in October. Horse Show Flat Rate Fees and Hauling Charges are due two weeks prior to departure for each show. Please mark your calendars accordingly. (Show schedule and rates subject to change.)

Our 2016 Show information includes the Rate Card, which itemized Board, Training, Sales, and Miscellaneous Services. Show Charges and Flat Rate Pricing, Discounts, and Terms & Conditions. Please review the Rate Card carefully.

It is very important that we have a Board & Training Agreement on file for all horses. If you have not signed a Board & Training Agreement previously, one must be downloaded and submitted. We would like you to review, sign and return the Agreement promptly.

All shows accepting payment by credit card will be entered using each owner’s credit card number submitted to us on the Credit Card Form. (Your credit cards will be run by the show entered, not by Strand’s Arabian Stables.) This number will also be kept on file to insure payment of any outstanding bills to Strand’s Arabian Stables, or any bills pertaining to your horse while in our care. Please fill out the enclosed Credit Card Form and return to Strand’s Arabian Stables. Everyone must keep a current and active credit card on file.

If you plan to take your horse out of the care of Strand’s Arabian Stables, we require that Jody be notified a minimum of two weeks prior to the departure of any horse. Full Payment will be accepted by cashier’s check or money order, or by credit card (which will include applicable merchant service fees) prior to the horse’s departure.

Lastly, if you intend to show, please fill out the Show Entry Information sheet. This includes specific information used to full out show entries for the current year. We also need copies of your AHA and US Equestrian cards, each individual horse’s Registration Papers (and Sweepstakes Papers, if applicable.) Please provide this information now to prevent a frantic rush and overnight delivery charges before a show. If we do not have your cards prior to entering the shows, you will incur the Non-Member Fees charged by each show, until your cards are received.

We appreciate that you have chosen to entrust us with the care of your exceptional horses, and look forward to a fun and exciting year with all of you!


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